Three Day Intensive Problem Based Learning training session


The LFS Learning Centre is pleased to offer our 3- day intensive Problem Based Learning (PBL) workshop again this summer. The 3 day workshop will run Aug 18-20th. The workshop is free and provides great training in Problem Based Learning. In this workshop you will learn how and gain experience working with PBL.  If interested please contact The LFS Learning Centre through The session runs all day for three days and participants are required to commit to attending all days.


GSS cIRcle Award – Applications are Open!


Submissions are now open for the next instalment of the GSS cIRcle Open Scholar award, a lottery-based award that recognizes exemplary non-thesis manuscripts or projects from UBC graduate students.

The Award is based on a lottery system held twice a year. A random selection will be made from items submitted to cIRcle during the previous 6 month period – four awards will be made per annum, two in April and two in October.

The deadline for submissions is September 24.



Dear Graduate Students,

The Celebration of Light kicks off this Saturday night at 10pm.  You may have heard that the U.S.A, France and Japan will be competing, with our neighbours down south starting things off! It will be very many blasts, and music, and fun times. You’ve been warned.

GSS Social & Recreational

Come with us on a 4-hr intermediate hike to Eagle Bluffs at Cypress Park on August 9th. We leave UBC at 9 am and return at 4pm. The $10-$15 cost includes the bus ride and a light breakfast. As usual, download and sign the waiver and bring it with you, along with your receipt if you buy a ticket online.

GSS Opportunities

The GSS is hiring 3 Summer Orientation Information Officers to support us in welcoming new Graduate Students to UBC between August 21st-August 29th 2014. Please apply by July 25th at5pm! Read the guidelines and responsibilities pertaining to these positions. It will be about 35hours worth of work, and will pay $400. We’d love to have you.

– Are you interested in serving on the Graduate Council? The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies works to maintain and enhance the quality of graduate scholarship at UBC primarily by encouraging a spirit of enquiry appropriate to each academic discipline, and by monitoring and improving the educational process which leads to a graduate degree. The legislative and administrative authority of the Faculty regarding graduate programs of study is vested in the Graduate Council. The Dean & Vice-Provost and Associate Deans act, with the Registrar, as administrative officers for the Council. There are five open graduate student positions. All graduate students are eligible. The GSS Council selects graduate student representatives for the Graduate Council. Interested students should contact

GSS Research & Conferences
We still want your voice in our Poll! It’ll take you 15minutes.

Tell us what you’d like the GSS to focus on in our advocacy work for graduate students on campus, and at the provincial and federal levels; what kinds of academic, social and professional events you’d be interested in having, and what you’d like to see in our communications this coming year.

We’re so grateful for your participation. It literally makes our day.