Dear Graduate Students,

Happy Holidays! You’re so awesome, and we love working for you! We hope you get to take some time off.¬†The GSS office will be closed between December 20th, 2014 and January 4th, 2015.

Are we ever excited for the New Year! We’ve got some highlights lined up already. We look forward to seeing you then!

GSS Social & Recreational

– Spend sometime this break preparing your entry into our inaugural GSS Video Clip Competition! Showcase your country and culture via a 3-10minute video made up of photographs and music from home. Guidelines and resources to get you going are on our website. Participate! No subject is too familiar, no place too distant (or near).

– Our first Whistler trip of the season is a GO! Details for the January 24th, 2015 trip are up on our website, and Registration opens on Friday! We’ve got four packages on offer for Grad students and Non-Grad students. Opt to take us up on our Bus ride offer, and include a Lift Ticket, Equipment Rental and Lesson as you need. Consider your options and make a decision soon – tickets ALWAYS sell out fast!

– Sign up for our fitness classes next term! You’ll have your choice of Zumba, Yoga, Pilates and our brand new Dance Diversity class! What’s our Dance Diversity Class, you ask?! Only a chance to try up to 10 different styles of dance! Each weekly session is devoted to a different dance style– salsa, bellydance, bachata, reggaeton and more! In Dance Diversity, the dancers are never bored! Time waits for no one, friends!

– Grow your skillset with our French 101 and 102 Classes! Our 101 Introduction class offers a beginner’s chance at French, while 102 expands on that initial experience especially in conversation. Check out the details and sign up!

– Let’s start the term right on Thursday, January 8th! Join new and current students for our Winter Wine & Cheese night at the GSS Penthouse starting at 7pm. Come one and all! Look out for more information in the first week of January.

GSS Catchup

– Ho Ho Ho! Would you like the GSS to sponsor a coffee social in your department next term? We’ve 4 spots available, Ho Ho Ho! Email your GSS Executive Min Xia (dude at top right) and let him know you’re interested! Um, Ho Ho Ho!! ūüôā

The holidays are here!! Elf Yourself!
– Ngwatilo, for your GSS.

Food Chemistry Division Take 1… minute for chemistry in health


Dr Erica L Bakota: Take 1 minute … and win ¬£500!

Closing date 30 January 2015.

Can you explain the importance of chemistry to human health in just 1 minute? If you’re up to the challenge, you could win £500 in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s video competition.

Take 1… minute for chemistry in health, now in its second year, is a competition that invites early-career researchers to make an original video highlighting how chemistry has helped to address challenges in health.

We want undergraduates, PhD students, post-doc students as well as those starting out their career in industry to produce an original 1 minute video demonstrating the importance of chemistry in health. The video should be targeted at a non-specialist audience, but otherwise can use any style you like and should be as imaginative as possible.

The winner will receive a cash prize of £500 and there are also prizes of £250 and £150 for the runners-up.

The chemical sciences will be fundamental in helping us meet the healthcare challenges of the future.¬†By making a short video, you can¬†highlight an interesting piece of chemistry that you believe¬†makes an important contribution to health.¬†This activity is developed and supported by the RSC’s¬†Organic Division.


  • Entry is open to both members and non-members
  • Undergraduates, PhD students, post docs (completing their PhD in the last 5 years) and¬†early-career scientists in industry¬†(including technicians)
  • International entries are¬†encouraged

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Mackenzie King Memorial Scholarships


Mackenzie King Memorial Scholarships

Deadline: Monday, 2 February 2014

Amount: $8,500 – $10,500 (subject to change)

The Open Scholarship is available to graduates of Canadian universities who pursue graduate study in any discipline, in Canada or elsewhere. One Open Scholarship is awarded each year. The value has recently been approximately $8,500 but is subject to change.

The Traveling Scholarship is available to graduates of Canadian universities who pursue graduate study in the United States or the United Kingdom in the areas of international relations or industrial relations (including the international or industrial relations aspects of law, history, politics and economics). Recently four scholarships of $10,500 each have been awarded annually, but the number and the amount is subject to change.

Please note that this competition requires all signatures to be original (in ink). Please advise your reference writers accordingly.

Further information is available on our website at:

The contact at the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for this competition is Abbey Barley (