Seminar with Ika Darnhofer on Wednesday May 20 at 12pm


The IRES Seminar Series and the Global Food Dialogues lecture series are co-hosting this upcoming talk next week:

Date:  Wednesday, May 20

Time:  12pm

Location:  AERL Building, Room 107/108

Pizza will be served in the AERL lobby at 11:45am.

Dr. Ika Darnhofer

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

The resilience of family farms –A post-structuralist view

Abstract: Many family farms have been around for several generations and have mastered substantial changes, both on-farm and in their context. Given that there is widespread agreement that our world is changing at an ever faster rate, it might be useful to understand what allows farms to buffer shocks, to adapt and to transform, i.e. be resilient. It seems that the call for economic efficiency to tackle the pressure to ‘get big or get out’ is only part of the story.  In this presentation I will build on complexity (which implies that the future cannot be predicted, thus questioning the usefulness of ‘strategic planning’) and on post-structuralism (which questions structure as determining action, and emphasizes that there is always an excess of possibilities). Farm resilience is then tied to the ability to respond creatively to emerging change through a ‘bricolage’ approach. Based on empirical work in Austria, I will discuss some ‘rules of thumb’ that farmers seem to use to navigate turbulent times.

Bio: Dr. Ika Darnhofer is Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, in Vienna, Austria. She is currently on a sabbatical at UBC, hosted by the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. Her work focuses on management and decision making on family farms. She uses the framework of social-ecological resilience – mainly developed for large-scale natural resources – and applies it to family farms, to capture both the complexity and the dynamics farmers face.

See you on Wednesday, May 20!

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Congratulations, Andrew Plowright and Wei-Chung Chen!

GSS cIRcle Open Scholar Award for April 2015 has been selected. Congratulations to Andrew Plowright and Wei-Chung Chen. A big thank you to everyone who has shared their non-thesis work with the UBC community!

Pictured above: GSS cIRcle Open Scholar Award recipient Andrew Plowright with GSS VP University and Academic Affairs, Enav Zusman

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Urgent important information about the 2015 Winter Session LFS TA Application


We have had a critical failure with the new online TA application;  we are having some data integrity issues.  We have closed the application, deleting all the applicant information that has been submitted since the application opened in mid-April. We anticipate re-opening the application on Monday May 18 following five days of testing to ensure this doesn’t happen again.  The application will be open until Friday May 29.

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Statistical Opportunity for Students (SOS)


The Statistical Opportunity for Students (SOS)

The Statistical Consulting and Research Laboratory (SCARL) is proud to offer an hour  of statistical consulting to UBC graduate students at no charge to the student.

The SOS program is designed to help graduate students formulate and understand the statistical issues involved in their research projects. The program is open to all UBC graduate students. Interested students submit a one page description of their work outlining their statistical questions. They meet with consultants for an hour to discuss their questions and receive a written summary shortly after the meeting, all at no charge.

For further details on the program and how to apply please visit

The SOS program is made possible through funding support from the

Office of the Provost and Vice President, Research and International.

— Rick WhiteManaging DirectorStatistical Consulting and Research LaboratoryUniversity of British ColumbiaVancouver, BC, Canada.