2015 Summer Session TA application is open – Apply NOW!


A limited number of teaching assistant positions are available for 2015 Summer Session.  Apply now! 

The 2015 Summer Session application will close on
Monday, March 16.

Apply here

A great opportunity to expand your career and employment skills! 

The Faculty of Land & Food Systems has approximately 20 Teaching Assistant positions available during 2015 Summer Session (May to August, 2015).   East listed course will be assigned a set number of TA support hours.  Instructors are responsible for determining the assigned number of hours to each TA.  Each appointment will be in accordance with the CUPE 2278 Collective Agreement.  Please note, TA’s are appointed based on their classification (see SCHEDULE A – WAGES AND CLASSIFICATIONS of the CUPE 2278 Collective Agreement).

Teaching Assistants:

Within LFS, all positions of teaching support service are referred to as Teaching Assistants (TA’s) and are appointed as GTA1, GTA2 or Undergraduate classifications.  TA’s will assist with a variety of course related activities, and may include setting up and assisting in laboratories, marking or assisting in marking assignments and examinations, invigilation of exams and carrying out related library work.  TA’s assigned to Problem Based Learning course will serve as the tutor (facilitator) for student group discussions.
Applicants for the Teaching Assistant positions must have a suitable background, normally be a graduate student in the course subject area; however, senior undergraduates with appropriate backgrounds can also apply. A student should not accept an offer of a TA position without discussing it with the course instructor.


Positions will be assigned in consultation with individual instructors and Academic Program Directors.

Winter Session TA Positions within LFS:

The online TA application for courses in 2015 Winter Terms 1 and 2 (September 2015 to April 2016)  will open in early April and will remain open until April 30, 2015.

LFS Research Café, April 1 – Professor Dan Weary on Providing a Good Life for Lab Animals


The next LFS Research Café will be held on Wednesday, April 1st!  Join us as Professor Dan Weary of our Animal Welfare program presents on “Providing a Good Life for Lab Animals.”  Tickets are $10 and include a soup and sandwich buffet. Our first LFS Research Café sold out within a day so make sure to act fast!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015
St. John’s College, Dining Hall (2111 Lower Mall)
Tickets: http://lfs-epayment.sites.olt.ubc.ca/forms/lfs-research-cafe-prof-dan-weary-april-1-2015/

Invitation: LFS Graduate Student Conference – March 5


As you know, the 2nd Faculty of Land and Food Systems Graduate Student Conference is taking place next Thursday, March 5. This event is a terrific opportunity to celebrate the excellence of graduate student research in our faculty. I strongly encourage you to attend this event, which is running from 9am – 6pm at the Liu Institute for Global Issues. I know that many of you teach on Thursdays, but you can pop in and out of the conference as your schedule permits.

The conference schedule is posted online at http://gsc.landfood.ubc.ca/schedule/.

Conference registration can be done online at http://gsc.landfood.ubc.ca/registration/.

Registration is $15 and includes a plenary address by Dr. Evan Fraser, oral and poster sessions and competitions, a catered lunch, and a wine and cheese awards ceremony.

2015 Internship Opportunities at the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems


The CSFS Internship Program aims to engage UBC students with their local food system and create opportunities to experience the working environment of a food sustainability organization. Student interns work alongside UBC Farm staff and faculty to increase their understanding and knowledge of food systems research, from organic agriculture to food production methods, community engagement, and business management. Application period closes March 22nd, 2015.

Internship areas:
• Poultry Internship
• Seed Saving Internship
• Hoophouse Internship
• Hop Internship
• Perennial Crop Internship
• CRUW Research Internship
• Feast Bowl Internship
• Indigenous Health Research and Education Garden Internship
• Marketing Analysis Internship
• Food Safe Internship
• Post Harvest Processing Internship

See http://ubcfarm.ubc.ca/about/careers/ for job descriptions and application instructions.

Dru Yates turns ideas into action with a community grant


It’s easy for ideas to get bogged down in real world practicalities – money, time, and lack of guidance are just three of the most common and major obstacles. Thankfully, these barriers can be overcome if you know where to look. Dru Yates, a Master of Soil Sciences alum, got both money and guidance for her big idea by partnering up with a community organization and applying for a Chapman + Innovation grant.
Dru used the grant money to start an equipment library and hold workshops to empower community members to preserve and process their own fresh seafood. [read more]