New faculty vehicle


2016 Prius

The Faculty has acquired a new Prius to replace the 2000 Chevy Cavalier.  Please note the following restrictions apply to this vehicle. 

The Prius is primarily designated as a “passenger” type vehicle only, it is NOT to be used for any field research activities.

The Prius central function is for faculty, staff and students to have a clean and reliable vehicle to attend such uses as conferences, meetings, student field trips, trips to/from the Diary Research Centre and occasionally to pick up equipment or goods of a non-hazardous nature. 

Material such as chemicals, liquid wastes, animal wastes, fertilizers, manure, or any other noxious material are prohibited.  It is to be driven ONLY on paved roads and every effort must be made to keep this vehicle clean at all times.

Mitacs Globalink: get top international undergrads for your 2017 summer research projects


The Mitacs Globalink Research Internship (GRI) is now accepting faculty submissions for Summer 2017. GRI pairs faculty in Canada with international undergrads for 12-week research projects from May to September.

  • All disciplines are eligible
  • Top-ranked senior undergrads travel from Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia
  • Faculty can submit multiple projects and re-submit projects from previous years

Submit projects by June 16, 2016, at 5 p.m. PDT. Questions? Visit our website or contact

Best wishes, Salutations respectueuses,
Ana Majstorovic Proposals Office Bureau des propositions
Sign up to receive calls for proposals by email.

Inscrivez-vous à la liste de distribution pour recevoir les appels de propositions par courriel. Mitacs would like to thank the Government of Canada, along with the Government of Alberta, the Government of British Columbia, Research Manitoba, and the Government of Quebec for their support of the Globalink Research Internship program. In addition, Mitacs is pleased to work with international partners including Universities Australia , the China Scholarship Council, Campus France, Germany’s DAAD, India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development, Mexico’s Secretariat of Public Education, Monterrey Institute of Technology, and the Higher Education and the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education , and Tunisia’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Mission Universitaire de Tunisie en Amerique du Nord

Montréal Office

405 avenue Ogilvy, Bureau 101

Montréal, QC H3N 1M3

Toronto Office

100 College Street, Suite 522

University of Toronto

Toronto, ON M5G 1L5

Vancouver Office

6190 Agronomy Road, Suite 301

University of British Columbia

Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

Thesis Defense – MSc – FOOD Science


UBC – The Faculty of Land and Food Systems Announces

The Oral Examination for the Degree of MSc in FOOD Science


Functional analysis of non-annotated genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using wine yeast and Chardonnay fermentation

Tuesday May 10,  2016 at  09:00 am Room 140 – FNH Building


Supervisory Committee                                                Examining Committee

 Dr. H. van Vuuren – Supervisor                                   Dr. Z. Xu – Chair

Dr. V. Measday – Committee member                       Dr. H. van Vuuren – Supervisor

Dr. M. Thibault  –  Committee member                      Dr. V. Measday – Committee member

Dr. L. Christopher  – Committee member                   Dr. H. LeAnn – External

Everyone is welcome

Upcoming External Award Competitions


Note that these awards are externally administered and questions should be directed to funding agencies directly.

Elizabeth Henry Scholarship for Communities and Environmental Health

The Elizabeth Henry Scholarship for Communities and Environmental Health supports graduate students working on research projects in partnership with BC communities that are addressing environmental health issues and promoting environmental sustainability through cooperative community initiatives.

Deadline: Tuesday, 10 May 2016 More info:

Robert Bertram Doctoral Research Awards

The Robert Bertram Doctoral Research Awards have been established to promote Canadian-based research on corporate governance and build Canada’s corporate governance research capacity by encouraging the next generation of young scholars.

Deadline: Sunday, 15 May 2016; ORS signature deadline is 12 May 2016 More info:

SRK Graduate Scholarship

SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc. offers a graduate scholarship with the intent to assist students undertaking graduate studies in mining industry related areas.

Deadline: Friday, 27 May 2016 More info:

The Pat Clifford Award for Early Career Research in Education

The Pat Clifford Award is administered by the Canadian Education Association (CEA) and intends to recognize the work of emerging researchers in education policy, practice, or theory in Canada.This award is dedicated to the memory of Pat Clifford, who was active in research and teaching practice in Canada.

Deadline: Tuesday, 31 May 2016 More info:

Mitacs Globalink Research Award

The Mitacs Globalink Research Award helps faculty members and students at Canadian universities build an international research network and undertake research abroad. The Research Award offers senior undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to undertake 12- to 24-week research projects supervised by professors at accredited universities in Brazil, mainland China, India, or Mexico. The award is open to all disciplines.

Deadline: Friday, 10 June 2016 More info:

Vancouver Korean-Canadian Scholarship Foundation Scholarship

The Vancouver Korean-Canadian Scholarship Foundation (VKCSF) is a charitable organization dedicated to providing scholarships to qualified students with Korean heritage or to those pursuing academic studies related to Korea. VKCSF encourages students to contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the Korean-Canadian community and the wider Canadian society.

Deadline: Wednesday, 15 June 2016 More info:

John W. Davies Memorial Award

Two awards of $3,000 are offered by the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Arctic Section in memory of John W. Davies, a former Chairman of the Section. The competition is open to any full time graduate student whose research will assist in providing solutions to problems encountered in the Arctic or in cold ocean environments.

Deadline: 29 June 2016 11:00 PM PST More info:

Norm Bromberger Research Bursary

The Norm Bromberger Research Bursary provides $2,000 each year to encourage research in the area of co-operatives and credit unions.

Deadline: Thursday, 30 June 2016 More info:

The Kathryn Huget Leadership Award

The Kathryn Huget Leadership Award is available for students studying at the Master’s or PhD level, preferably in the areas of organizational behaviour, business administration, business and commerce, sociology, or psychology. Awarded to any individual, with preference given to female students currently in leadership roles, whose focus is to improve the business workplace for women.

Deadline: 30 June 2016 10:59 PM PST More info:

Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists

The prize is awarded annually to one young scientist for outstanding life science research for which he/she was awarded a doctoral degree in the previous two years. The topic of the entrant’s thesis research must be in one of the following categories: Cell and Molecular Biology, Genomics and Proteomics, Ecology and Environment, Translational Medicine.

Deadline: Monday, 01 August 2016 More info:

National Student Food Summit: June 17-19 in Waterloo


The Summit includes students from 1st years to those in their PhD. There conference is focused on “campus food systems change” especially researching and reducing student food insecurity and shifting campus procurement towards more just, sustainable and humane food systems. We also will be focusing on campus gardens and farms, and community collaboration. And of course, meeting other peers interested in food systems change is always the best part of the conference!

National Student Food Summit

Meal Exchange’s annual conference, the National Student Food Summit is Canada’s largest leadership retreat for students passionate about working for ‘good food for all’ on campus.

The Summit brings together students and stakeholders from colleges and universities across the country (literally Newfoundland to Vancouver Island!) to prepare for working with Meal Exchange over the summer and upcoming school year. It features training on Meal Exchange programs and tools, discussions with faculty, foodservice, and civil society leaders in the food movement, and lots of space to connect and strategize with students from campuses across the country.

Join post-secondary students as we reimagine the future of food in Canada.

Let’s build the movement. Register Today

Sarah Archibald
Program Manager, Meal Exchange
Board Member, Food Secure Canada  

(P) 416-657-4489 ext. 3
Charitable Registration: 84052 4581 RR0001

365-401 Richmond St. W, Toronto, Ontario, M5V3A8