TAs needed for W1 FRE 340 001 and W1 FRE 490 001




I’m looking for TAs for both my Winter Term 1 courses – FRE 340 001 – International Agricultural Development and  FRE 490 001 – Impact Evaluation Analytics

Here are the course descriptions…

FRE 340 001 – Course Overview:

FRE 340 offers students an understanding of the critical role that agriculture plays in international economic development – including but not limited to:

  • an examination of theories of growth and development, and their relationship to the agricultural sector, along with;
    ○      the factors responsible for growth and transformation in rural and urban areas;
    ○      the role of agriculture in least developed countries’ (LDCs) economic development;
    ○      government policies that enhance the prospects for sustainable growth;
    ○      the environmental impact of economic development;
    ○      the social impact of economic development;
    ○      the linkages among the industrial, natural resource, and agricultural sectors;
  •    methods of analysis in development in order to help shape government policy;
    ●      analysis of agricultural development problems using economic concepts;
    ●      an analysis and critique of policies related to international agricultural development; and
    ●      an analysis of the challenges facing contemporary international agricultural development.

Examples will be drawn from a variety of developing countries and political units. Although the agricultural sector will be covered in some detail, the complementary role of other industries will also be given attention to show how to apply, more broadly, the lessons learned in agriculture to other sectors of the economy. Our studies will reveal the complex aspects of economic development, the actuality that growth paths are difficult to achieve, and that our understanding of the intricacies of economic development is not complete.



Use a detailed marking guide to mark the midterm or final exams and a portion of the term assignments, and submit a breakdown of the verified marks via spreadsheet to the Instructor Meet students during office hours to answer questions about course materials, term papers, assignments, and examinations Collect data and/or articles for course reading list and materials Photocopy course materials as required Additions to hours worked according to task requirements listed above Invigilate a midterm exam and a final exam. Perform other related duties as required


Education and Knowledge Requirements: Undergraduate degree in economics or agricultural economics and thorough understanding of intermediate microeconomics and its applications is preferred. Students completing an undergraduate degree in either economics or agricultural economics may be considered, but only when graduate students are not available. Skills: Ability to correspond effectively with the Instructor and to ask questions when uncertain about marking responsibilities. Ability to maintain accuracy and attention to detail. Computer experience required (Excel preferred). Ability to correspond with students regarding questions during exams and office hours.


FRE 490 001 – Course Overview:

Current Issues in Food & Resource Economics

2021: Impact Evaluation Analytics – Strategies for Sustainable Development 


Grade midterm and final exams plus a portion of 2 homework assignments; submit a breakdown of the verified marks via spreadsheet to the Instructor. Lead two 1 hour discussion sections prior to homework assignments being due. 2 hours preparing material for each discussion= 6 hours total. Invigilate 2-hour final exam and 90 minute midterm. (3.5 hours) Hold 2 hours of office hours per week: 12 weeks x 2 hours/week=24 hours.


Education: Completion of an undergraduate degree in an area related to economics and/or environmental/agricultural policy; completion of, or enrolment in, at least one graduate-level course related to agricultural, development and/or environmental economics. Experience: Preference will be given to students with extensive experience writing reports and grading paragraph-type answers. Skills: excellent interpersonal skills; good organizational skills; strong research skills; and ability to correct English usage (grammar, spelling, paragraph structure) when marking written assignments.


If interested, please contact:

Sean Holowaychuk
Sessional Lecturer – Faculty of Land & Food Systems
Master of Food & Resource Economics (MFRE) – UBC
BA.Econ., BA.Spanish – UBC

H.R. MacMillan Building
#321 – 2357 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC. V6T 1Z4
Email:  sean.holowaychuk@ubc.ca