2015 CFHS National Animal Welfare Conference: May 2 – 5th, 2015

Location: River Rock Casino Resort – Richmond, British Columbia

Keynote by Dr. Marc Bekoff

Rewilding our hearts: Animal emotions, compassionate conservation, and the importance of individual animals

In his talk Dr. Bekoff will discuss the notion of personal rewilding, how it can and must become a global meme, and how animal emotions and compassionate conservation, for which the guideline is “first do no harm,” figure into what we all need to do in the immediate future.

note: Dr. Bekoff’s keynote is open for all CFHS conference participants. There are no public tickets available. For details about conference registration,etc., go to http://cfhs.ca/info/national_animal_welfare_conference_1/ .

About the Conference!

The 2015 CFHS National Animal Welfare conference is the preeminent venue for thought-leadership, sharing of ideas, networking and learning. The conference brings together Canada’s animal welfare community who is working with, caring for, and advocating on behalf of our nation’s animal population. Conference attendees passionately embrace the need to promote respect and humane treatment toward all animals.

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