What electives should I take?

If you’ve already found our post on “What courses you need to take“, but are wondering what electives you should take, here are a few pointers for you:

  1. Note the difference between “Unrestricted” electives and “Restricted Electives”. 
    • Unrestricted electives can be courses in any subject. If you’re an aficionado of 1930’s-1960’s Hollywood cinema, feel free to take FIST 220. Love to write? Check out CRWR 200. Interested in the stars and planets? Try ASTR 101. Make sure you check your specific degree requirements to see how many credits of Unrestricted Electives your program allows.

Unrestricted Electives are a great way to balance your science program with non-science subjects. Just be sure to check prerequisites and seat restrictions before registering for your unrestricted electives

    • Restricted Electives are courses that are more specific to your degree program and/or career goals. You’ll find lists of suggested restricted electives on our Faculty’s website. Any course(s) not on these lists that you feel are relevant as Restricted Electives need to be approved by your program advisor.  A list of program advisors can be found in the Undergraduate Student Handbook.
  1. If you still can’t find electives to take, know that it’s okay to defer your electives to following sessions. There are no requirements for our students to be in a full 30-32 credit course load. Of course, check to make sure you meet minimum credit requirements for things like student loans, housing, scholarships, etc.
  2. Ask your friends for recommendations. Or, if you’ve taken an elective that you really loved, tell us about it in the Comments section! Thanks!
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