HKU presents Future City Summit – Aug 4-7, 2016

From demographic changes to socio-economic problems, urban issues are gaining prominence in national and even international agendas. Now is the best time to talk about the future of urban development.

Do you aspire to make an impact?

Ready to expose yourself on the global stage?

A team of ten students from The University of Hong Kong is taking an initiative this year to curate a platform so that passionate minds in the vanguard from all over the world can get together and talk about the future of cities.

Future City Summit:

The Future City Summit aims to gather young bright minds across the globe, especially in the Asia Pacific, in the aim of advocating a development agenda for cities. Throughout the four-day programme, delegates along with distinguished guest speakers will explore issues of urban resilience, smart city development and urban lifestyles in the new era.

We hold a myriad of meaningful events to reach real avenues of influence, such as keynote session, panel discussions and interactive seminars, field study, and many other occasions for meet-and-greet.

The Future City Summit is a 4-day academic program, held from August 4 (Thursday) to August 7 (Sunday) this year in Hong Kong, featuring four main aspects of exploration for delegates to choose from, namely “The People,” “The Capital,” “The Culture,” and “The Environment.”

Our Mission:

With the rapid development in information and communication technology (ICT), smart city seems to be the common approach to improve urbanites’ quality of life and the city’s overall efficiency. The conference seeks to capture these opportunities and inspire future leaders with a spectrum of emerging concepts, including resilient city, urban resilience and industrial revolution 4.0.

Outstanding delegates who are selected to present their projects in the program showcase will be awarded with scholarships. Bearing the vision of nurturing pioneers for our future cities, FCS strives to live up to its mission – “Advocate the agenda of future development of cities.”

Application Deadline:


July 15, 2016 (Friday)

  • International Delegates Fee: US$250
  • Hong Kong Delegates Fee: HK$900


Please apply through our website,, and shortlisted candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview.

Should there be any inquiry, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at

See you all at the summit!

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