PRSSS 2016 Fall Field Tour – Oct 1/2, 2016

PRSSS 2016 Fall Field Tour: Soils of the BC Southwest Interior

Start: October 1st, 2016
End: October 2nd, 2016
Registration: $70 regular, $50 student.
Please join us for our annual Pacific Regional Society of Soil Science (PRSSS) fall field trip on October 1st and 2nd. This year we will be exploring soils along a precipitation gradient, moving from coastal forest soils, through to the inter-mountain grassland soils of the Lillooet area. This diverse landscape will give us the opportunity to explore podzolic soils characteristic of our high-precipitation coastal forests, luvisolic soils in the Lodgepole-pine and Douglas-fir parkland, plus some dark brown and black chernozemic soils along an interior parkland transect. There will be plenty of stops along the way to observe the slides and glacial landforms, which helped shape the unique landscape of BC’s southwest interior. Camping will be available at Downing Provincial Park for the evening of Oct 1st, or participants can arrange their own accommodations in the Lillooet area. Ride sharing will be organized by the PRSSS and rental cars will be booked if necessary.

More information and registration can be found on PRSSS website:

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