SEEDS Sustainability Program Project Recruitment

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The UBC SEEDS Sustainability Program, in collaboration with representatives in the UBC Sustainability Initiative, is looking for student(s) to utilize photovoice to tell UBC students’ stories and experiences with sustainability on campus.

Specifically, we are looking for a student or student team with

  • 3rd or 4th undergraduate or graduate student standing
  • Eligibility to participate in a directed study or thesis project to complete this research
  • A strong passion for sustainability and community at UBC
  • Ability to commence the project as soon as possible

SEEDS Project: Communicating Sustainability through Photovoice

Project Main Purpose:

To utilize photovoice to tell UBC students’ stories and experiences with sustainability on campus.

Project  Background/ Context:

The UBC Sustainability Initiative fosters partnerships and collaborations that extend beyond traditional boundaries of disciplines, sectors andgeographies to address the critical issues of our time. UBC strives to be one of the most sustainable universities in the world, informing the sustainable transformation of cities, while leveraging the campus as a living lab to explore and demonstrate various forms of community engagement that can support these efforts. This project will aim to explore photovoice as an alternative method of engaging with students to create a shared understanding of sustainability. It will add to both the content and programming mix that supports our efforts to animate sustainability at the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability and across campus. The project will also act as a pilot to showcase student art at CIRS while bridging the gap between arts and the environment.

Contribution to Sustainability at UBC:

This project is aligned with UBC’s 20 Year Sustainability Strategy, and particularly supports the goal of bringing innovative engagement programs to campus to strengthen linkages across campus and to generate a sense of place, while supporting the creating of a vibrant, animated, and sustainable livework-learn community.

Outline of Project Details:

The project includes several key components as follows:

  1. Conduct a literature review on photovoice as a method of storytelling including case studies on how photovoice has been used to tell stories ofsustainability elsewhere.
  2. Develop a research proposal for applying photovoice at UBC (including research question, recruitment strategy, and final exhibit of findings)
  3. Conduct the study as per the research proposal.
  4. Prepare an exhibit of the findings, with support from the Deliverables: Report, Presentation

Anticipated Outcomes:

The anticipated outcomes include a series of photos compiled to express students’ experiences and stories of sustainability on campus to be displayed at an exhibit in the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability.

Anticipated Initiation and Completion Date:

  • Immediately or Summer 2017


If you are interested working on this project independently or collectively as a directed studies, professional project, thesis, independent project or other type – please apply here


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