Agriculture & Animal Husbandry: International Opportunities

Have you always wanted to use your Agricultural or Animal Science skills in other countries? You are needed in:

GHANA: Teach at Agricultural College

  • Ghana is one of the drumming-est, most friendly countries in Africa!
  • No teaching or university experience necessary.
  • What is needed are farmers with a strong background in organic farming, permaculture and/or sustainable agriculture.
  • Mentor in the field and “download” your skills.
  • Your knowledge so important to farmers in Ghana they will put you on the radio!

ECUADOR: Rural development

  • Come work with the indigenous women in the beautiful Andes.
  • They would like to both learn more sustainable farming methods and animal husbandry.
  • Spanish is essential; Quechua helpful.

CAMEROON: Rural development

  • Farmers in the remote rural villages have just enough food to subsist.
  • They would like to learn better methods so that they have enough food for a cash crop.
  • Come teach them mulching, rain water harvesting and how they can enrich their soil.
  • Teach & mentor them in how to raise goats, chicken and/or rabbits so they will have more protein.

MOROCCO: Agriculture

  • Like other remote parts of the world, it is difficult to eke out a living.
  • This organization has done a phenomenal job of raising fruit trees and almonds & walnuts.
  • They employ local women tending 1.4 million seedlings at 14 nurseries.
  • They welcome people with an agricultural background to improve on what they are doing.

PERU: Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

  • Likewise, it is difficult to eke out a living at 10,000 feet in the mountains of Peru.
  • It is difficult to raise food. People eat guinea pig.
  • This organization’s brilliant solution? They have built green houses so they can raise more vegetables.
  • They welcome people with an Agricultural & Animal Husbandry background to help increase food & nutrition to people.

Interested? Here’s how to apply:
Please visit and read more information on the NGOabroad website 
and send an answered Questionnaire and resume to

Both experienced farmers & students needed for these volunteer opportunities.
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

When to Apply:
People are already beginning to apply to volunteer in June, July & August! It is smart to finish the application process by March so you have time to prepare to go to another country. Our volunteer programs do not just run in June, July & August – that is simply when most people can go.

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