Sample workload of an Arts student

This is what I have done today:

– Volunteered at an elementary school in the morning and read with 5 kids individually.
– Completed my own reading for American literature (still not in the class: praying for 2 people to miraculously drop).
– Answered 4 questions quite well, if I do say so myself, about said reading.
– Went to American lit class for 1 1/2 hours. Enjoyed myself. (Yes this is rather belated work. But I had 5 classes yesterday so I was busy doing work for that on Tuesday.)
– Went to library and made notes on 20-odd pages of a linguistics textbook (possibly the most boring work I have).
– Researched a bunch of books and hunted for suitable material in my quest to choose a language for my language journal for said linguistics course. Very exhausting and overwhelming.
– Read a chapter for anthropology.
– Ate dinner with friends.

What I still have to do tonight:

– Read another chapter for anthropology.
– Write 2 pages for a WebCT post for English by 10 PM, doing a close reading of the text.
– Research the May 4th Movement (I have unfortunately forgotten all the other things I was supposed to research).
– Complete 2 readings for Canadian lit.
– Complete another reading for linguistics.
– Sleep at 9.

If it weren’t for the last bullet point, this would all be doable. Alas, I demand impossible things of myself. Of course, when time is constrained, the unimportant items go out the window… So there we have it: what one particularly Arts student does on a Thursday.

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