you are georgeous (sorry, mis-spelled)

Title of post is a piece of graffiti I saw at a bus stop when I was passing by.

I thought it was amazing, both for the message and for the concern over spelling.

Alas, I hadn’t brought my camera, and when I passed by again today (also without my camera), it had been painted over after being there for about a week. The new grey paint doesn’t do nearly as much to brighten up my mornings.

But how I adore thee, Vancouver.

On a different note for those select few who are interested in this kind of thing, I have finally got cracking on a new blog where I am showcasing my most recent reads and my attempts to write coherent thoughts about them. It’s a lot more personal and a lot more ‘me’, stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with UBC. Yes, a lot of work needs to be done on it and no, it’s not anything special — but I am definitely enjoying it immensely. (Don’t let the calendar fool you; this has been in the works for much longer than you can tell.)

Finally, I may oh may have the flu and cannot tell just yet because it’s only the second/third day. I took the day off work yesterday to sleep most of it away and am feeling better today, but not 100% myself, and have succeeded in spreading it to my brother just by walking past him. Oh dear.

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