Things I Love Thursday

I unexpectedly met a couple of past and present members of the second(?) First-Year Blog Squad cohort last night. That was interesting in itself, but what really shocked me (in the most pleasant manner possible) was when someone asked, ‘Are you Lillienne from the UBC Blog Squad? I read your blog!’

Oh my. It feels truly surreal to know that somebody out there actually reads my blog. Most of the time, I think I’m talking to myself. I am, of course, as delighted as I am confused by this turn of events, and can only express myself by dedicating this post to you.

I haven’t been doing this in a while, because I’m so busy, but here are some fantastic things that have happened lately:

♥ K’NAAN sang a couple of songs at the Chan Centre last week, and followed them up with a really down-to-earth, honest conversation with the audience on music, politics, aid work, speaking English as an additional language, and whatever else came to mind. The only song I know the title of was ‘Fatima’—there’s something about the live performance that I enjoy more than the recorded one, so that’s what I’ve linked here.

♥ On the first day of my new Work Study job, there were very many baked goodies in the office, including E.’s divine white cheesecake-cupcake with homemade raspberry jam and a raspberry on top. I took it as a melt-in-my-mouth good omen for the rest of the year.

♥ I also love my new job for reasons other than food. (I get to be useful and edit webpages that are actually accessed by the general public!)

♥ I’ve picked out a favourite star (or what I think is the same star I like the best, anyway). It’s golden!

Dress911 is one of my favourite sites to look at pretty dresses. An online store based in Canada, they have some really gorgeous creations that simultaneously cheer me up and always instill an urge in me to go to Metrotown and find something just as pretty and within my budget.

♥ One of my friends fed me homemade strawberry jam on toast last night. It was gloriously drippy and sticky and sweet and fresh. I have a renewed addiction to strawberry jam now. Especially the homemade variety.

♥ People have been so kind to me lately. Things like asking if I am okay when I look down, picking up worksheets for classes I miss, lending me board games when I needed them, giving me food because I don’t feed myself well enough, sending me emails to check up on me — thank you to everyone who has been so warm-hearted! You make me feel greatly loved, which is a far cry from those first few frightening days in Canada when I didn’t really know anyone.

♥ I have a reader!

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