You know it’s exam season when…

… the mundane details of life become inordinately interesting.

A cube has six sides. Translated into several little potato cubes sitting in my pan, waiting to become perfectly golden on all six sides, equalled to a 25-minute-long transformation into (admittedly delicious) home fries. Note to self, should I ever do this again: dice the potato a little larger next time. Fewer cubes to turn over FTW!

… study breaks occur for increasingly odd reasons.

Among the growing pile of papers and books and general litter of my exam season room, reminiscent of my childhood pet hamsters’ interior decorating preferences, it is possible to find me in one corner obsessively folding and tucking away plastic shopping bags for future use. I mean, I need to feel in control of some area of my life, no?

… you see students carrying desk lamps around with them.

Today is not the first day I’ve seen more than one person bring their personal lamp to a common study space with the clear intention of studying throughout the day and well into the night.

Now that, ladies and gents, is dedication.

… the prospect of going outside induces fist-shaking.

I love the sun. It’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow. I have to drop off a final assignment, pick up library books, drop off receipts for reimbursement purposes and buy groceries — all necessary, important activities that I nevertheless resent doing because they cut into my study time.

Says the girl who is blogging instead of going to bed. Oh, Hypocrisy, you sit on my right shoulder.

(Procrastination sits on the left.)

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