Things I Love Thursday

It’s another beautiful Thursday of another beautiful week, and these are the things that have been sustaining my heart:

♥ Finding strawberries that actually taste like strawberries. Did my world just turn upside-down? Nope, that whoosh was the sound of me eating the whole box in one sitting. Mm, mm!

♥ Opening the notes that my Speakeasy volunteers left me. Totally heartwarming and now posted in a row across the top of my desk so I can see them whenever I want.

♥ When the wind blows, it snows cherry blossom petals. The drifts of sakura lacing the ground.

♥ Doing crosswords, particularly the daily one in the 24H (a free newspaper, for those of you outside Vancouver).

♥ The glow of ink as I press a highlighter across a white page. Yellow is my favourite.

♥ I’ve been gazing at the full moon for the last few nights and thinking how wonderfully full it is, how entire without hesitation.

positively present is a lovely blog that one of my best friends pointed me towards, which posts thoughtful, inspirational and comforting messages almost every day.

♥ Best of all, seeing my oldest friend yesterday. We traversed Pacific Centre, Granville Island and UBC. I can’t recall the number of times we got distracted by something and forgot our previous topic of conversation, moving right on to something else. With some people, the important thing is not so much the content of conversation, but the fact that the talking is happening; it doesn’t matter if we haven’t been in regular touch lately, but we’re still able to pick up where we left off, and it doesn’t feel like much time has passed at all. Sometimes it shocks me to think that we’ve known each other we were five and have been friends for well over half our lives now — and then I’m fiercely glad for it.

Also, she bought me bubbles. Hehehehe. ♥

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