Things I Love Thursday

books under staircase

I would love to live in a place with this so much. One day! One far, far off day. In the meantime:

♥ A shout-out goes to my fabulous friends who helped me move out of my last place and are safeguarding half of my belongings until I move into the next one. I couldn’t have done it so quickly without you!

♥ Thanks also go to my parents for giving me an older brother. It’s like having a personal chauffeur, handyman, odd jobs boy, moving man, tech support and grocery supplier all in one — for free!

♥ The Beaty Biodiversity Museum is this amazing, surprisingly large museum right on campus that I only just passed through last week. They have many more collections than I was expecting and I can’t wait to make the time to go again and really look through it all.

♥ Summer days, sitting next to my brother in the car, listening to music as we drive along and the skies are moving sheets of beauty.

♥ I’ve been on a stint of listening to ’90s Chinese music lately, one of which is David Tao’s 流沙 (Liú Shā).

♥ Long walks in the sunshine with no real destination in mind — and bubble-blowing! Particularly next to abandoned train tracks.

♥ Somewhat embarrassingly, I’ve only just started looking — really looking — at Portraits of UBC. (The last time I glanced at the Facebook page was several months ago when my friend said, ‘GO LOOK AT MY PHOTO!’ and I obeyed.) I’ve been a bit down this week, but looking at people’s happy, smiling faces helps to cheer me up. Thanks for doing such great work, Rabi!

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