Things I Love Thursday

Puppy Pepper in the car

my friend's dog (aka possibly best puppy in the world) in the car, hong kong

cookie dough ice cream • Bridget Jones’s Diary • dinner party with friends • playing Apples to Apples in the dark • girls’ sleepover • bacon with maple syrup • food certificate to The Point Grill • the sweet server who struck up a conversation with me • pasta at Anton’s • talk about travel dreams • being safely indoors when it’s hailing • Kana Nishino’s ‘Best Friend’ • hearing an old friend’s voice on the phone for the first time in two years • bringing birthday happiness to a much loved heart • warm, colourful scarves • the people who regularly check up on me • making mulligatawny • tramping through piles of dry leaves • reading poetry

a new format this week in honour of all the recent good changes in my life, including acquiring my third and final co-op term for January — hurray!

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