Long-distance mother-daughter bonding

Although my mother and I are separated by a gigantic ocean by the name of the Pacific, we like to maintain a close, loving relationship. Our latest mother-daughter bonding has been through the sharing of our bodily mishaps:

Mother: Had an accident last week and gashed her head. Reports say bone was visible. Received stitches. Out and about after a day, buying groceries.

Daughter: Developed flu complications and went to VGH one night. Received IV in arm and underwent a few tests. Discharged after intaking a few bags of fluid. Still largely incapacitated at home.

Obviously, mother wins for both attention-grabbing reason for entering hospital and for speedy recovery.

P.S. If you live on campus and have anything happen to you past 10 pm, go straight to Vancouver General Hospital. UBC’s Urgent Care Centre closes at 10 pm. (Lesson learned the hard way.)

P.P.S. 请妈妈保重身体,女儿想你。

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