Friday April 21

Call for presentations is now closed.

The edited, final agenda is now set, and a PDF version can be found here: April21Agenda_Final

The day will start with an innovative keynote presentation by Dr. Ray Hsu.

For the remainder of the day, each participant will provide an 8-minute presentation of his/her research providing information about:

  1. The topic of research.
  2. Why the research is significant.
  3. How the presenter has mobilized research or consider possible ways in which s/he may mobilize information throughout the research process or perhaps even discuss the challenges of trying to mobilize the research.

This approach to presentations and sharing of knowledge is similar to the 3-Minute Thesis ( or FIRETalks (

For this conference, participants will be grouped to present as a “session” to all conference participants. Each presenter will have a maximum of 8 minutes to present. After all participants have presented, there will be opportunities for questions/comments. This will be followed by a 5-10 minute break to allow for transition from one group/session to another, but also to provide opportunities for participants to connect.

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