Knowledge Mobilization: Design Thinking Beyond the Usual Suspects, Opportunities, and Venues

by Innovative Learning Centre
Director: Dr. Susan Crichton
Research Project Coordinator: Deb Carter

In a time of ubiquitous and increasingly globalized opportunities, what does it mean for graduate students to mobilize their knowledge? SHRCC defines Knowledge Mobilization as:

The reciprocal and complementary flow and uptake of research knowledge between researchers, knowledge brokers and knowledge users — both within and beyond academia — in such a way that may benefit users and create positive impacts within Canada and/or internationally, and, ultimately, has the potential to enhance the profile, reach and impact of social sciences and humanities research.

The presenters will share some options while posing the questions:
As a graduate student at UBC, what should you share?
When is it most important to share it?
Where are the best venues for the impact and outcomes that are desired / needed?

Through a facilitated design thinking activity, participants collaborating in small working groups will focus on personal representations of knowledge mobilization within academia and beyond academia.

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