About Lucid

The establishment of this book club and reading series is predicated on the notion that novels and memoirs are not only about literary merit and entertainment, but also, distinctly, can be about ideas that make us re-consider who we are, how we live and how we practice psychiatry/psychology.

Our meetings focus on discussions. They will begin with a short intro by facilitators Harry Karlinsky and/or Kayla Czaga to introduce the author and/or book and provide a little background to contextualize the discussion. But this site will also be useful in getting us thinking about the various books before we actually meet face-to-face.

We generally meet the Second Wednesday of every month from 7:15pm to 9pm.

Venue: Coach House, Green College

6201 Cecil Green Park Road University of British Columbia

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Harry Karlinsky, Director of Public Education, UBC Dept of Psychiatry

Kayla Czaga, Graduate Student, Creative Writing, UBC and Creative Writing Mentor with UBC’s Booming Ground

Books should be available at the UBC Bookstore but if not the book selections will be available at Chapters or Amazon.com.