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E-Portfolio Preliminary Plan

I have designed my e-portfolio as a semi-formal collection of my works and interests. Initially I had planned on using the website primarily for this course but later reconsidered its potential. As I invested more time into making my website I decided that it would become a useful platform for showcasing my work. As it stands I have a considerable amount of content and no place to share it, so it seems not only fitting but also imperative that I use my e-portfolio as an easy way of giving my work public exposure. Much of the writing I have posted is unfinished but over time I hope to refine and edit these posts to a point where I feel they are complete and worthy of being published or sold. In the meantime I am happy if this website functions simply as a way to share my creativity with friends, family and other like-minded people. The school aspect of my website has changed from being my main focus into a part of a bigger and more personal endeavour. I have posted my first two journal entries for CLST 221 and will continue to post other course writings that I feel are worth sharing. I think that with some more time and practice I can develop my portfolio into an online resume that I would be proud to share with a perspective employer. So far I have posted a brief biography along with some collected writings and other personal interests and I would be happy if you took the time to check them out. Thanks Professor Griffin, TAs and the E-Portfolio team for offering this space to me and for helping me to navigate it!

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