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UBC English Honours Statement of Intent Draft

My name is Mackenzie Lott and I am a second year student at UBC. I am applying for honours because throughout my education I have been drawn to English more than any other subject. I have had the good fortune of being taught by people who are enthusiastic about this field of study. This, combined with my family’s love of literature, has moulded me into the student that I am today. To become involved with a specialized English program that is approaching a centennial celebration of continuity would be a sound investment in the persistence of this pattern in my own life. I find your honours program particularly attractive for the focus group seminars it offers and for the opportunity to write an independent research essay.

I am currently involved in the UBC Arts Tri-Mentorship program where both my senior student and alumnus mentors have been accepted into English honours. They have many positive things to say about the program and they are inspiring me to get everything I can out of my time at UBC.

My long term goal is to achieve published authorship in fiction novels, short stories, poetry, non-fiction essays and journalism. Over the last year I have developed a rapidly expanding ePortfolio which contains pieces from each of these categories. As my writing skills develop, I plan to send this work out for publication. My current reading interest is confined to the modernist and post-modernist movements but extends as far back as the plays of Shakespeare, back to the poetry of Petrarch, and into the myths and tragedies of classical Greece. My English studies at UBC have brought me invaluable relationships with English students and faculty alike. If I am accepted into the Honours program I will be able to build more of these connections and, eventually, repay my debt of gratitude for what this field of study has done for me.

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