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Biodegradable Chip bags recalled

The green movement has taken a large role in modern economy and many companies have created certain features of their product that are less harmful to the environment. An example is the hybrid vehicles or smart cars and their reduced emissions in efforts to decelerate global warming and other health issues. Fritos Lay has made its contribution to this movement by packaging its popular Sun Chip’s into biodegradable bags. Although, earlier last week Fritos-Lay announced they would be going back to their original bag because of an outcry of complaints about the noise created when you pick up a bag of Sun Chips in their new bags compared to their original bags. Customers noted that this excess noise adds to “noise pollution,” so consumers asked Fritos-Lay to do something about it. Customer complaints were even made into YouTube videos. Fritos-Lay will continue to package its original chip in the biodegradable bags while trying to create a less noisy product. Until then, I do not see why we don’t just put up with the noisier bags as it is much more environmentally friendly. The earth’s health should be a priority over a moment of noise from a chip bag any day.

Care to read more? Here is the link to more info.

Here’s a related video worth watching! “Melissa McGinnis with Greenopolis TV asks viewers if they think Sun Chips should keep manufacturing the new compostable bag, even though consumers are complaining that the bags are too noisy.”YouTube Preview Image

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