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Cigarette’s packaged in a standard brown color?

Several marketing strategies are used in attracting cigarettes to not only elder smokers but also to younger children and teenagers in today’s world. The various colors of the different cigarette packets attract younger prospected smokers and distinguish each company from one another by their own “brand image.” Let’s be honest, a bright red cigarette pack is much more attractive and more likely to attract a younger audience of consumers then simply a white label with black writing on it.

This idea has brought much discussion over the last few years. In attempt to deter young people from taking up smoking, ministers have generated the idea of forcing cigarette companies to package in strictly brown color packaging with only health descriptions and warnings. Deaths rates and poor health resulting from cigarette consumption are still far too high and they believe young people should be protected from the start and not be lured by these flashy products.

As a younger person myself I also have noticed the distinct attractiveness of cigarette products and although companies have done a good job of creating a brand image, it is not ethically right to create an attractive product that kills thousands of people every year.

Want to read more, here is the article I found online!

Below is a quick video about the misleading information provided on current cigarette packages and that consumers may be fooled less of the time if packing was standardized.YouTube Preview Image

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