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#071: My quotable-loving heart skips a beat.

November 9th, 2009 by Mary Leong

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Skipping and wandering through life picking up two-second snippets of seemingly haphazard conversations is a surefire way to get a quick sampler of the environment. Like flitting through a mega box of tea samplers from cinammon apple to peach to white berryblossom in merry succession, tiny tidbits of inane chatter more than successfully portray the sheer scope of conversation UBC students engage in. Presenting procrastination’s new weapon of choice, Overheard at UBC. Modelled after the absolutely brilliant Overheard in New York (hello, time waster extraordinaire!), this Facebook group gathers gems of startling insight from the erudite and scholarly expounding on topics diverse, such as…

public transit…

“Girl: what’s that? It looks like a train with wheels!
Guy: You mean that bus?”

and popular culture…

(Enthusiastic white man, to man with turban)
“Hey pal, do ya got Voldemort under there!?!”

Of course, the entertainment value rises exponentially when you’re on the recieving end of a prime quotable. Such as that day when I was simply walking – maybe even prancing a little bit – on the way to Swing en route to Political Science class, and heard the following.

“Physics is like Mathematics, except you get to search for TRUTH.”

That just about killed me.

Well, at least until the irate shouting of one man behind me in the queue at Ike’s.


I’ll leave that one at that- you can figure that out for yourself, aye? Out of context = exciting times for mad imaginations running wild.

Now, I must reluctantly toddle back to the riveting world of French Language and Style, but here is the challenge of the week: to come back with the most bizarre and colourful quotables you could possibly eavesdrop upon. Bonus points if your quotable has a pun. Till then, adieu!

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  • 1 Paulina Nov 11, 2009 at 7:59 pm

    Overheard at UBC is such an enjoyable time killer! Makes UBC feel like such a community eh?

  • 2 Mary Leong Nov 14, 2009 at 2:07 am

    @Paulina: I definitely agree that it provides a sense of community- see my thoughts on little snippets of conversation here and there truly providing an adequate scope of opinions and thoughts galore on campus!