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#062: More summer readin’

July 19th, 2009 5 Comments

Currently listening to: “Camping Ste-Germaine” – Les Cowboys Fringants In my previous post, I mentioned reading two books lately, one of which was reviewed and discussed in the last entry. After having rambled about blogging earlier, today’s entry focuses on university education…of sorts. Having briefly flipped through The Unlikely Disciple at work the other day, […]


#061: of books on blogs

July 15th, 2009 1 Comment

Currently listening to: “The Fear” – Lily Allen Two books I’ve read in the past bit, the first on blogging, and the second one on university education (of sorts). Both rather appropriate for this medium, I think. Today I’ll talk about the first one; in a few days, I shall blog about the second. Sheeple: […]


#050: A tale of two books

February 14th, 2009 3 Comments

Currently listening to: “M79” – Vampire Weekend Before I start, [insert obligatory yay-reading-break-huzzah comment here]. So I bought two (2) books yesterday. Yes, it’s always the same old story. Work at a bookstore, can’t leave without getting something. In any case, one of the books was absolutely bloody brilliant, and the other one was a […]


#048: Of charlatans and fools

February 2nd, 2009 2 Comments

Currently listening to: “The Great Wall of China” – Billy Joel I think self-help authors are an absolute crock of rubbish. No, that’s not entirely true. To be precise, I think self-help authors who portray themselves as faith healers while invoking some sort of power from some sort of imaginary god figure are completely deluded […]

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#031/032: Of procrastination, finals, and snowfall

December 12th, 2008 1 Comment

Currently listening to: “Love Story” – Taylor Swift I HAVE NOTICED A GRIEVOUS ERROR IN THE NUMBERING OF MY POSTS. THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE ENTRY NUMBER THIRTY-TWO (32). Mary’s back in the blogosphere! What have I been doing for the past nine days or so? Well, the answer is quite simple- in a word […]

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