Quizzes, Teaching Replacement, Office Hours Cancellations


  1. Quizzes are in the MLC, in order to pick them up you need to bring your UBCcard. There were two unrecognizable quizzes so if you can’t find yours in the MLC plelas contact me on Wednsday after class.
  2. I remind you that in the following dates I won’t come to class and another instructor will replace me:
    • October 3rd
    • October 12th
    • October 17th
    • October 24th
  3. I won’t hold office hours on October 4th and please check the website before coming to office hours throughout October as I might need to cancel other office hours.
  4. On Friday we will have our second quiz. Please remember to bring your UBCcard with you so you can fill out your student numbers. Also, I remind you no calculators or any other electronic devices are allowed. You may only use your “cheat sheets”.

Shana Tove (“Happy new year” in Hebrew)

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