HSDPA – high speed mobile wireless

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Bookmarked for later viewing… An explanation and look at the latest in high speed mobile access…

InfoWorld: HSDPA is a mouthful for speed: February 16, 2005: By : NETWORKING : TELECOM : WIRELESS

From the 3GSM World Congress.

Networking is an area that is certainly know for its acronymity, so if you are unfamiliar with the terminology/issues — the article does provide good info for the newbie..

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  1. Tim Wang says:

    “With HSDPA, expect initial throughput rates of between 400Kbps and 600Kbps, with a peak rate of 14.4Mbps.” WOW, time to stream video and play 3D games via cell phones. I am excited to see how is this technology going to influence the huge mobile market in Asia!

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