The Google Opportunity

Trying to remember where I first saw this… but its a good reflective piece that encourages librarians to think about Google…

The Google Opportunity – By Stephen Abram — 2/1/2005, in the Library Journal

A pretty succinct call to action is included:

“Can libraries compete, complement, or cooperate? Or will we lose out? It’s still our choice, but not for long. “

He then offers up ten suggestions on how to approach the Google Opportunity, with the first, “reposition the librarian” as the most intriguing….

Recognize that librarians’ and library workers’ key contributions aren’t merely collecting, organizing, and delivering the information–it’s improving the quality of the question.

I love the concept of being at the center of the question space… Reminds me of Letter 4 of Rilke’s Letters To A Young Poet (Love the questions!)

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