Online Conference: Assessment in the Digital Age

I received this via Jeremy William’s weblog notification

I’m not sure who I might tell of this interesting conference that is coming up… so that type of event seem to be a good candidate for a targeted e-mail (done) and a weblog posting! The whole question of assessing new types of learning “outputs” is a deep one, I think. A group of us were chatting briefly about that the other day when we were discussing Google Earth.

Goes back to the basics of what are your (learning) objectives, of course, but navigating those waters with a technology piece thrown in is certainly a challenge when both the activity/assignment and the technology are new… Wonder if anyone in the conference is going to address aspects of that challenge?

Need to continue discussing that, I think… on to the conference…

International Online Conference sponsored by the REAP Project: Assessment design for learner responsibility – 29th to the 31st May 2007

This online conference is being put on by REAP (Re-engineering Assessment Practices in Scottish Education), a Project funded by the Scottish Funding Council. According to their website, the conference has three themes to be addressed through keynotes, case studies and structured discussions:

1. Assessment and the first year experience
2. Great designs for assessment
3. Institutional strategies (designs) for assessment

I look at the dates and shudder a bit, because there are two or three other events I know of going on at exactly that time. Late May and June are PACKED this year it seems! However, I was just glad to learn of this project! The resources section of the website is interesting. There are a variety of reports and papers. They point to related projects, such as:

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  1. If EVS is your thing then the REAP website also has an excellent collection of resources at:


  2. Michelle Lamberson says:

    That is an excellent resource, Martin, thank you!

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