Middle Childhood Intervention 6-12:

Adaptive Skills

When a child is between 8 and 10 years old, basic adaptive skills are almost completely developed. They are independent and any difficulty with this area of development should be taken seriously. It might indicate difficulties or delays in other developmental areas as well.

When it comes to adaptive skills, there are some signs of delay. A child may:

  • need help in the shower;
  • not rinse properly when washing their hands or bodies (Fig. 1);
  • need help cutting their food;
  • spill when drinking from a cup;
  • need help brushing their teeth;
  • need help with dressing and undressing;
  • need help with buttons, snaps and zippers;
  • need help with grooming;
  • continue to have bowel and bladder “accidents”.

washing hands

Figure 1. Washing hands
see References


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