Millefeuille is an experimental pavilion which demonstrates the potential of parametric design and robotic fabrication to change the way we think about, and design with, wood. The pavilion was built in a five day workshop led by architecture professors AnnaLisa Meyboom, UBC SALA and David Correa, University of Waterloo as well as Oliver David Krieg, CTO at Intelligent City. The workshop and fabrication was done at Centre of Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP UBC) and participants included students from UBC SALA, University of Waterloo, as well as industry participants – architects, engineers, fabricators and contractors from BC and around the world. The pavilion was fabricated on an 8 axis industrial robot at the Centre of Advanced Wood Processing at UBC.

Background behind the research

As technology advances and drawing in architecture becomes more closely engaged with fabrication through digital design tools, how we conceive of architecture and the role of the designer become more closely entwined. 

Innovation in material and fabrication have changed the language of architecture in the past and will continue to do so. Wood can be seen as the material of this century because of its sustainable and renewable properties. To look at the synergies of the characteristics of this material in a new way and combine this with robotic fabrication may bring some interesting developments in design language.



Forestry Investment Innovation


UBC School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture

UBC Centre of Advanced Wood Processing


AnnaLisa Meyboom, UBC SALA

David Correa, University of Waterloo

Oliver David Krieg, Intelligent City

CAWP Technical Support

Jason Chiu

Brandon Chan

Lief Davies Eriksen

Claudia Ediger

Filming & Documentation

Shabaan Khokhar


Juliana Alva

Angela Gmeinweiser

Maverick Chan

Parastoo Varshosaz

Industry Participants

Katherine Kovalcik
Nazlee Markowsky
Esaly Wu
Jesse Cotey
Dazhong Yi
Kurt Drachenberg
Eytan Fiszman
Michael Frazier
Marc-Antoine Chartier-Primeau
Billy Ying Wai Ma
Greg Hoffart
Sebastien Sarrazin
Ben Hayward
Ainsley Jackson
Breena Jackson

Student Participants

David Kalman
Isabelle Luisser
Sarah Garland
Sahar Kazemeini
Marina Ibrahim
Carissa Tzeng
Aïden Mézidor
Jay Starnino
Piero Sovrani
Nora Boone
Lorena Polovina
Julieta Alva
Sarah Pitoscia
Maverick Chan
Meena Chowdhury
Nicholas Krahn
Adrian Chiu
Kenneth Anggara
Changwei Qiu
Yuxiang Liu
Tyler Solu
Parastoo Varshosaz
Esraa Saad

+ The Robot


AnnaLisa Meyboom  e:

David Correa e:


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