Response to Jeffrey Tso’s Blog: The Convergence of the Tech Market

I’m not your hard core technology geek but I do like technology, especially phones. Here’s a collection of my phones since Grade 7 I believe, missing my Iphone 4, Samsung Galaxy S2 and Iphone 5 since this picture was taken a few years back.¬†


When I read Jeffrey’s blog post, and his question “Could there really be a single product, which when marketed to multiple market segments, will be able to fulfill all consumer needs?. I think at the rate of which technology is advancing, a single product will or probably has already fulfilled all consumers need. Twenty years ago, a simple hand held flip phone fulfilled consumers needs of communicating from far distances but consumers wanted more, they not only wanted to communicate verbally but textually. Along came texting, all phones moved into the stage where they not only able to communicate but as well as text. If we fast forward to now, we have phones ( ie. Iphone 5) equipped with calling, texting, games, camera, calendar, bill payments, etc. From a touch of a button, we could have ordered a pair of tickets to a Rhianna concert instead of waiting in lines for hours. A simple palm size device fulfills a bucket-list full of needs. I agree that with such innovation and advancement, not all companies have the wealth or abilities to compete amongst each other. It’s the survival of the fittest, in this case, survival of the¬†wealthiest. The niche market will become smaller and smaller, and eventually wealthier and ¬†innovative companies will kick out the competitors that can not compete.

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