April 2010

iPAD Release: “Holding an Internet in Your Hands”

It is hard not to notice a release of iPAD by Apple. While listening to Steve Job’s presentation of a new iPAD I couldn’t help but notice this amazing phrase “Holding an Internet in Your Hands”. I just keep wondering how this new technology will change how we teach and how our students learn… How long will it take till our students will be able to afford them? Will iPADs replace laptops? How will tablet computers compete with the iPAD technology? How will we be able to utilize it to help students learn better? The questions are keep coming. I am sure this technology will open new opportunities for educators…

YouTube Preview Image

2 Responses to iPAD Release: “Holding an Internet in Your Hands”

  1. Iris Chan

    Thank you for your comments. I am trying really hard to get things done and not let the math and science overwhelm me. I do admit that the TELE assignment is very difficult as we are a group functioning in different time zones with different ideas. Group work is a lot harder to do in an online format.

    I am just trying my best. Thanks Dr. M for worrying! I appreciate it.


  2. Kathleen

    Dr. M.
    I am following the release of the iPAD with great interest. It is a great tool for those of us with vision challenges. I spend more time double clicking my iphone to get bigger type…it sounds like the up and coming iPAD one can roll up and put in your purse will be the one I wait for. Now that is convenience. Our whole interfaces will change in the near future with the flexible wishes, Kathleen

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