Foreign Policy Roundup #8: September 30-October 13, 2013

Latest foreign policy news from Mongolia, including Mongolia’s continuing bid to join APEC.



From Last Week

Mongolia established diplomatic relations with Suriname.

L. Bold met with a representative from the UN Office for Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Countries, and Small Island Developing states.



Prime Minister Altankhuyag received the Chinese Ambassador to discuss the Prime Minister’s upcoming trip to China later this month.

Z. Enkhbold called upon the Russian Ambassador to Mongolia. During the meeting an invitation was extended to the head of the Russian Duma to visit Ulaanbaatar.

Mongolia is offering assistance to the Russian Federation following natural disasters in the country’s far eastern provinces.

D. Erdenebat, member of the DP and Parliamentary member met with the Major of Buryatia’s Ulaan-Ude. The focus of the meeting was on business relations, specifically the sell of building materials.

Asia Pacific

Director of the Mongolian Parliament, Z. Enkhbold, greeted the delegation of the South Korean National Assembly as they arrived on an official visit to Ulaanbaatar. Following their arrival, the two parties discussed strengthening their cooperation in the mining and transportation sectors, specifically mentioning Korean investment in the Mongolian railway.

For the first time, Mongolia participated in the APEC Ministerial Meeting. During the proceedings, L. Bold took the opportunity to discuss Mongolia’s relations with Indonesia and ASEAN more generally, and how to strengthen relations in the future. L. Bold also reiterated Mongolia’s objective of being admitted in APEC, something Indonesia has voiced support for. An English language examination of Mongolia’s APEC bid is available here.

President Elbegdorj was invited to Japanese President Shinzo Abe’s residence following a conversation at last week’s UN Forum.

North Korean Leader Kim Jung-un sent a letter to Elbegdorj in recognition of 65 years of diplomatic relations between the two nations.


The Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs held its annual meeting, for which several ambassadors were recalled and new appointments discussed, specifically those in France, Germany, Canada, and Switzerland. The meeting is at least partially the result of allegations of money laundering on the part of Mongolia’s Ambassador to Germany.

Mongolia participated in the 129th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Geneva.

The fourth meeting of the Mongolian-Hungarian Commission was held in Budapest.

L. Bold met with the representatives of 20 E.U. states, in what has become an annual meeting since 2009 to discuss the Mongolian-E.U. partnership.


Middle East

Z. Enkhbold made an official visit to Turkey and met with the Turkish Prime Minister.



L. Bold met with Asia Foundation’s Executive President. This week marks 20 years of cooperation between the Mongolian Government and Asia Foundation.

L. Bold announced plans to attend the World Economic Forum in Moscow from Oct. 18-20.




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  1. Yes, Mongolia could make their position stronger in Asia Pasific region if they were joining the APEC.

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