Women MPs in 2024 election result

By Bulgan Batdorj 

The results are in, and Mongolia has made history—a record-breaking 32 women have secured seats in the country’s 126-member parliament, representing 25.4% of the total. Of the 32 women elected, 8 were chosen directly through constituency votes, while the remaining 24 gained seats through the party list system. All represent five political parties: MPP 15, DP 10, KhUN 3, Civil Will Green Party 2, and National Coalition 2.

Table 1: Women Parliamentarians 2024-28, Mongolia.

Name Elected from Party
B. Battsetseg 1 – Arkhangai, Uvurkhangai, Bayankhongor Mongolian People’s Party
Kh. Bolormaa 10 – Sukhbaatar, Chingeltei Democratic Party
Ch. Nomin 11 – Songinokhairkhan Mongolian People’s Party
E. Bolormaa 2 – Govi-Altai, Zavkhan, Khovd, Uvs Mongolian People’s Party
D. Uuriintuya 4 – Bulgan, Khuvsgul, Orkhon Mongolian People’s Party
Ch. Undram 5 – Darkhan-Uul, Selenge, Tuv Mongolian People’s Party
L. Munkhbayasgalan 7 – Govisumber, Dornogovi, Dundgovi, Umnugovi Democratic Party
Kh. Bulgantuya 8 – Bayanzurkh Mongolian People’s Party
B. Narantuya – Nara Party List Civil Will Green Party
S. Zamira Party List Civil Will Green Party
S. Odontuya Party List Democratic Party
S. Tsenguun Party List Democratic Party
J. Bayarmaa Party List Democratic Party
D. Enkhtuya Party List Democratic Party
B. Punsalmaa Party List Democratic Party
P. Batchimeg Party List Democratic Party
B. Jargalan Party List Democratic Party
Ts. Munkhtuya Party List Democratic Party
L. Enkhsaikhan Party List KhUN
G. Uyangakhishig Party List KhUN
B. Munkhsoyol Party List KhUN
M. Enkhtsetseg Party List Mongolian People’s Party
O. Saranchuluun Party List Mongolian People’s Party
D. Ganmaa Party List Mongolian People’s Party
M. Mandkhai Party List Mongolian People’s Party
B. Uyanga Party List Mongolian People’s Party
A. Ariunzaya Party List Mongolian People’s Party
B. Kherlen Party List Mongolian People’s Party
O. Nominchimeg Party List Mongolian People’s Party
Kh. Baasanjargal Party List Mongolian People’s Party
A. Undraa Party List National Coalition
M. Sarnai Party List National Coalition

According to our previously written article, this number falls under the “modest setback” scenario—as the number of women elected directly is 8 out of 316 women candidates in the 13 constituencies, representing a success of only 2.5%. However, the party list mechanism allowed for the maximum potential of 24 women to be elected, demonstrating the importance of the zipper system. While the direct constituency results represented a setback, the overall outcome of 32 women securing seats in Mongolia’s 126-member parliament is still a historic achievement. This 25.4% representation shatters the previous record of 15%, significantly increasing the number of women parliamentarians from 13 to 32.

These women parliamentarians now have the opportunity to leverage their positions to champion the concerns of Mongolian women and promote gender equality, in addition to the expertise they bring to their respective areas. I also hope they can come together as a group to leverage their collective influence for meaningful reforms and solidify this success to pave the way for continued success in future elections.

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