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Halfway through Сонгууль 2016 Campaign

By Julian Dierkes The election campaign for the State Great Khural election on June 29 is over halfway through its official 18-day period. While it has been an active campaign for the 498 candidates, and visibly so, it has been … Continue reading

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Digital Diplomacy tied to ASEM

By Julian Dierkes Some weeks ago I wrote about the potential for a Mongolian digital diplomacy. That post generated a lot of interest (over 500 readers in less than 2 months). The tweet about this post was my most-viewed tweet … Continue reading

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The Many Habits of Successful Mongolian Digital Diplomats

I wrote “The Way Forward for Canadian Digital Diplomacy” for Canada’s The Embassy on November 18, 2015. I followed this up with a list of more specific about steps that Global Affairs Canada might take in developing Twiplomacy if this direction … Continue reading

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Bloggin’ 2015

Happy new year! This has been the fifth year of our blogging (we started in July 2011). Most of the writing has passed to Mendee and I, though Byamba and Brandon have continued to chip in. We’ve managed to post … Continue reading

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FOC Comes to Mongolia

By Julian Dierkes Thanks to support from the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, I was able to participate in the Freedom Online Coalition conference in Ulaanbaatar. Below, I want to highlight some of the discussions and presentations that were … Continue reading

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Outlook: Freedom Online Coalition Conference in Ulaanbaatar

[For my impressions from the Conference, see] Next week (May 4-5) the Mongolian government hosts the annual conference of the Freedom Online Coalition, a club of 26 countries dedicated to the promotion of, er, freedom online. This is yet another … Continue reading

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Digital Democracy: PM Saikhanbileg’s Policy Choice SMS Poll

By Julian Dierkes This week Prime Minister Ch Saikhanbileg has posed a question to Mongolians on television and he is asking them to reply by SMS. There are examples of direct involvement by the electorate in political decisions, of course … Continue reading

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In Defence of Twitter Diplomacy

On January 6, David Carment (Carleton Univ, @cdnfp) wrote a comment piece for The Embassy (a Canadian weekly and on-line paper focused on Canada’s international relations) that made a case for “Why Twitter Diplomacy Won’t Lead to Better Foreign Policy“. As I’ve … Continue reading

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My Sources on Developments in Mongolia

I am sometimes asked how I keep up with developments in Mongolia from afar. I take that question as a compliment on the quality of the analysis we provide. Social Media Twitter has become an invaluable tool for keeping up … Continue reading

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Subscribing to Mongolia Focus Updates

We’ve posted over 250 updates to this blog in the past 2 1/2 years. Any volunteers out there to edit a compilation? 😉 You’ve asked frequently about notifications for new posts recently. All along, I’ve tweeted about new posts @jdierkes and … Continue reading

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Tweet-Up in Ulaanbaatar

I am inviting my Mongolian Twitter followers (and others interested) to meet in person on Friday, June 21st at 16:30h, at the American Center for Mongolian Studies in Ulaanbaatar (Rm 306, Center 34 Building, near Zanabazar Museum, location). Topics I will … Continue reading

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Bat-Erdene Election Platform

[This post was researched and co-written by Brian White at The Mongolist blog.] Bat-Erdene’s platform begins similarly to Udval’s by describing challenges facing the country. He does not go as far as Udval in labeling them as “dangers,” but the … Continue reading

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Udval Election Platform

Speculation about some kind of Udval retreat notwithstanding, based on information contributed by and co-written with Brian White at The Mongolist, we discuss Udval’s election platform here. Broad Goals Similar to the other candidates, Minister of Health N Udval intends … Continue reading

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Seeking New Name for our Blog

Searching for a new, more permanent name for our blog… Continue reading

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Mongolian Pop Culture: Live from UB

Lauren Knapp recently sent us this description of her project on contemporary Mongolian music: Documentary filmmaker, Lauren Knapp spent most of 2012 living in Ulaanbaatar attending just about every rock concert she could. She was researching and filming her forthcoming … Continue reading

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