Meeting of two world

Where to begin with the first student video. To start off, the opening was awkward and the first speaker was awkward in his delivery of dialogue. The information in the video is more or less expressed through spoken narration coming from the speaker and then a pause of speech to show information expressed in picture form. These two ways of expressing the information runs throughout the video and it does not really keep the viewers focus due to the fact that the opening speaker is dull and has a poor delivery of his lines and that him speaking is then shifted to pictures showing information in written form with any sound. After the first speaker ends his dialogue, there is 30 straight seconds of no sound but just pictures with words over the top of them putting forward the information.

When the second speaker comes in and speaks her lines, her opening too is awkward but a little better then the first speaker and she pretty much speaks throughout the video with again, pauses in narration as pictures with words over top of them being shown and continuing the pattern of silentness pauses that appears to be a trend in this video. They also got the there information wrong, Las Casas was not there with Columbus. Casas was born 1484 and Columbus sailed to the New World 1492, so by the history presented by this video, it appears that Las Casas would have been 8 YEAR OLDS when he first got to Cuba.

Also, notice how that the first person speaking does not come back throughout the whole video. Yeah, the majority of the speaking parts in the video is mainly the second person. The first person only speaks for about a minute of so and then disappears for the rest of the video. WHAT! WHY? First off, changing who is speaking causes the video to be more dynmatic and brings more interest from the viewer into the video. If it just one person talking for most of the time and other is just gone, then is becomes stagnated and the information being expressed is more or less falling on deaf eyes.

Overall, the video is bad and is seems to fail at its job of expressing chapter 2 in a clear and interesting way. Reading the chapter on its own is more useful then this video so It would be better to go do that instead.

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