Kitsilano Secondary Parents Demonstrate Support for Teachers

Students, parents and teachers are all hoping for a swift and and satisfactory outcome to the current labour dispute. Our support for the long-term working relationships in our school community is needed now more than ever.

Members of the Kitsilano school community–past and present– came out this morning to show their respect for the men and women who teach our children. Parents, grandparents, friends, teachers and even a handful of family pets joined a festive gathering on the picket line this morning.

While were were there a representative of the VSTA came to speak with striking teachers. She reported on the BCTF press conference. It was evident that the teachers on the line are very supportive of the actions of the union and their comments brought home to the rest of us the seriousness of this struggle.

One can’t help but feel that our government really has no interest in working with our teachers. Nor is one left with any idea that the government cares about public education in any fundamental way. What the government does seem to care about is winning at all cost.

But, a win at all cost approach is going to cost us the working people of this province. Political leaders and their behind the scenes backers can take joy rides in foreign countries but back home they act the school yard bully. We need to increase the pressure on this government and their backers. We need to keep the support on the line. If we are to keep our public education intact we will need to expand our support networks and stand beside our teachers on the line!


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