Messages from BC’s Deputy Minister of Education

Current deputy minister messages are focused on issues of salary and bargaining. In the June 2nd issue is a rather interesting analysis of teachers’ salaries as compared to education administrator salaries. However, the two tables are not quite directly comparable. In the principal salaries we have the minimum and dived by elementary and secondary. In the superintendent group we have min/max as per size of school district. However, the teacher salary table (which gives us the ‘third highest’ is, according to the deputy minister “adjust[ed] for what actually happens.” Unfortunately there is no explanation for how the salaries have been adjusted, nor is there an explanation of “what actually happens.” What we are left with is an interesting document that could be used effectively in a applied skills math course or a critical thinking class in which the subject is numeracy and the ways in which ‘evidence’ can be massaged to assist our ‘understanding’ of current issues.
Here are the most recent messages:
Download June 2, 2006
Download May 26, 2006
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