Students Still Against BC Graduation Portfolio

Campaigning against the current BC Graduation portfolio continues with more online petitions from BC Students. Copied below is the text from the current online petion which as of November 9th has almost 7,500 signatures.

Parents are encouraged to sign this petition as well. Teachers, parents, BCTF and the representatives of the Ministry of Education, who are conducting the grad portfolio review, are informed about this petition. The petition will be closed on Nov. 19 at midnight, and the signatures will be sent to the BC Minister of Education. SIGN it NOW and spread the word! If we want to win, we have to take matters into our own hands!

To: To the BC Ministry of Education

Every student in BC – with the exception of the graduates of 2007 – still have to do the graduation portfolio in order to graduate from high school.

The graduation portfolio became optional for the 2007 graduates. The students in BC, who will graduate at a later time expect from the Government of BC and the Ministry of Education to be treated equally, and ask for the graduation portfolio to become optional for them as well.

Furthermore the students, along with the teachers still do not understand fully the complete requirements of the graduation portfolio, making it extremely difficult and very time consuming for the students to work on it. Because of the lack of exact instructions to do the portfolio, the students are losing precious studying time for the other subjects and the provincial exams.

Is it fair to let some students have the portfolio optional, while for the other students it remains mandatory?

If you wish to better the lives of the students in BC, please sign the petition below. After obtaining 1000 (or more) signatures, the petition will be sent to the BC Minister of Education, Shirley Bond.


The Undersigned

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