Professor Toope Replies

Dear Prof. Menzies:

Thank you for your email in which you express concern about upcoming decisions of the Trustees of the Vancouver School Board in relation to various schools on the west side of Vancouver. I have read the consultation document of the VSB. First, let me be clear that UBC will not be directly involved in the decisions to be taken by the VSB. As you indicate, there is clearly a need for a new elementary school on or near the UBC campus. The demographic data in the VSB report is strong on that point. How the VSB wishes to address the issue is something with which the university would not wish to interfere. UBC’s offer to turn over the old NRC building to the VSB is merely meant to be facilitative, nothing more. I have asked that our VP External, Legal and Community Relations follow the VSB discussions on behalf of the university. It would be best for you to communicate with him directly. Best wishes for all your work,

Stephen J.Toope
President and Vice-Chancellor
University of British Columbia

6328 Memorial Road
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T1Z2
Tel: 604 8228300
Fax 604 822 5055

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