NPA School Board Candidates

The NPA seems to be running six or seven candidates for school board. It is a bit puzzling that the NPA is not able to find a full slate at this late date. I suspect that, unless they are intentionally planning to run a short slate, they will manage to put some bodies into the remaining two or three slots before the close of the nomination period. Here’s a review of what is being said online about the situation.

How many NPA school-board candidates?

It’s a bit confusing, since the news release that went out this afternoon listed newcomer Joanne Pulis as the party’s seventh candidate. That’s in addition to veterans Clarence Hansen, Carol Gibson, and Ken Denike, along with first-timers Heather Holden, Lakhbir Singh and Sophia Woo. But then I was told by a couple of people that Joanne may have to withdraw because of a family issue. She was not at the meeting. So now I’m not sure. Stay tuned.

NPA nominates more candidates

Three candidates were nominated to run for the Vancouver School Board: Heather Holden, Joanne Pulis and Lakhbir Singh.

Four candidates were nominated in June: school trustees Ken Denike, Carol Gibson and Clarence Hansen were renominated, along with Sophia Woo.

NPA council slate includes five women and a gay man :: The Hook

For School Board: Ken Denike, Carol Gibson, Clarence Hansen, park-board commissioner Heather Holden, Lakhbir Singh, Sophia Woo, and Joanne Pulis.

Local News Story

Heather Holden, Joanne Pulis and Lakhbir Singh round out School Board.

24 Hours Vancouver

NPA is for now also short three candidates for the traditional nine spots on the school board slate.

News1130 – ALL NEWS RADIO.

three new NPA candidates are running for the Vancouver School Board: Heather Holden, Joanne Pulis and Lakhbir Singh. Current trustees Carol Gibson, Clarence Hansen and Ken Denike were re-nominated in June, along with Sophia Woo.

Non-Partisan Association announces full list of candidates

School board candidates include Heather Holden, Joanne Pulis, Lakhbir Singh, Ken Denike, Carol Gibson, Clarence Hansen and Sophia Woo.

Who is the seventh NPA School Board Pick?

Having never heard of nor having never previously met the named 7th school board pick here are some possibilities as to Ms. Pulis’ identity. Please note that as with all web-based searches the information should not be considered accurate unless independently verified. Nonetheless, if this is the NPA candidate I do feel a bit concerned about their approach to school board issues.

CGA-BC Announces President and Board of Governors For 2007

Joanne Pulis, CGA, has been on the CGA-BC Board since 2004. She is a management consultant based in Richmond.


Pay Less Tax CGA Richmond Chapter 2004

“This seminar is of interest to all as it brings to light monetary opportunities for persons with disabilities and their families”

Joanne Pulis, CGA

Prayer Circle For Whales and Dolphins: Page 2
A Joanne Pulis of Richmond BC, is listed as a member of the prayer circle for whales etc which is described on the main page as follows: “From a mystical point of view, whales and dolphins, both members of the cetacean race, are said to have come from the Syrian system. They carry the living records of perfect harmony and balance, and work to hold the oceanic grids of the planet. Whales in particular hold a very powerful vibration of love and peace; they hold an expansive state of consciousness, which they emit into the waters of mother earth. All our cetacean friends are here to share their advanced consciousness and wisdom with us.”

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