Patti Bacchus tops the polls for school board!

Parent activist Patti Bacchus tops the polls with 64, 451 votes, outdistancing her closest competitor by a couple of thousand votes and the ninth candidate elected by nearly 20,000 votes.

Patti exemplifies the type of parent who gets involved because they care about education for all children, not just education for their children. Like many of us her first brush with education politics arose from her experiences as a parent, but Patti shows us that concern about education is a community effort. Patti has been involved in advocacy groups for special education, school seismic safety, and proper funding and resources for public schools. During the several years that I have been involved in the District Parents’ Advisory Council, I have had the opportunity to see Patti working as a parent advocate at the district level on a variety of committees and task forces. As a parent and community member I know that we will be well served by Patti.

Patti would make an excellent choice as the chair of the VSB.

One thought on “Patti Bacchus tops the polls for school board!

  1. I agree, Patti would be a wonderful choice for VSB chair. Not only would this be good for Vancouver, but I believe it would be good for the rest of the province as well. If not chair, then I would like to see her as the VSB representative to the BCSTA. That organization needs a little shaking up as well.

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