10 Basic Methods to Increase Telegram Channel members

As you know, these days social networks are also a tool for people to entertain.  As you know, wherever there are more audiences, it will be the best place to advertise and market products and services . Therefore, the telegram messenger application that has involved many people these days is the best place for advertising, business and entertainment .

Increasing the number of telegram channel members and the telegram group members is the main goal of any admin. One of the concerns of people who buy telegram members and increase followers is to upgrade their business and introduce their services. Many people think that whatever  the members of their telegram channel are more, it is better and can make more money.  So they are buy telegram members  .

Of course, sometimes, this case is for channels that get paid for advertising, for example.  But that’s not always the case!  There are channels with very few members that are not famous at all, and they continue to work in off light . These channels make a lot more money than channels with several dozen thousand members!  No important number of members. But It’s important that your channel members really follow your channel’s topic .


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Why should our channel have true telegram members ?

The meaning of real telegram members is that there are people on our channel who really love our channel content and always follow us.  It’s not a good idea to force someone to follow us !  This case is true everywhere.  For example, in marketing email, sending mail to people who do not know us is wrong and ineffective .

 Marketing and advertising are always important to people who are our target.  It’s the same in Telegram.  That is, we can not forcefully invite people who do not like our content to our channel .This period is over to add members through the Fick advertisements  on our channel.  Today, by using based methods, we need to make people follow our channels  with their own personal interests.  So it will be much easier to market our products and services on them .

Using non-standard methods, such as buy telegram subscribers  , is a false, costly and useless work. In general, anything likes this has no effect on our success ! some sites that use different ways to increase their website’s visitors and some owners of Instagram pages looking for Fick followers .  These methods has never worked well, and in many cases, it not only did not have any profits but also accompanied with disadvantages .


 10 Basic Methods to Increase Telegram Channel members

Specify your goal and create your channel. 1

The first step in building a telegram channel is to know what your goal of creating a channel is.  You should specify your goal of setting up a telegram channel.  Specify the subject you are about to create content on your channel .

It is very important that you do not change the subject after you have identified the purpose and theme of your channel.  For example, if your channel’s topic is health, you should not post content on humorous or political topics on your channel!  This will increase the dissatisfaction of your channel members and will leave your channel over time .

 Unfortunately, many friends in hopes that by changing their channel’s subject, they can attract more members, they do not succeed and they will lose their telegram channel followers. Therefore, set the goal of making the channel, and do not change the link and subject of the channel after a while. Try to publish content related to the channel’s name and history to prevent members from falling. For example, if in a channel with a name and description of a scientific channel a comic or political message might be sent, some members may not like this and leave the channel .


  1. Complete your Telegram Channel profile creatively

It’s very important to use suitable logo and complete the description of your channel.  Therefore,  Select the logo image and description for your channel . Once you have identified your communication profile, try to describe the benefits to the users in the description section or in your Channel Bio . It does not matter at all that you are the first in your field of ​​work, but it’s important that you differ from your competitors and what benefits  you consider for your audiences . buy telegram members

For example, the sentence “Every day, you can finish your day with the motivated sentences of our channel “, it’s much better and more attractive than this sentence “motivational sentences in our channel”.


  1. Create a high quality and attractive content

Try to produce and publish content that useful for your channel users.  Creating the right content is the first step in attracting members into the group. This can greatly influence the rise of the Telegram members. You should not change the subject of your productive content. Try to choose the best possible theme right from the beginning. Usually, entertainment channels produce content on any topic, and it does not matter what topics to post.  But the specialized channels are not so!  If your channel is specific to a particular field, you should try to create useful and functional content for your users .

 You should have variety  in content creation.  Try to use popular formats such as written photos or images of gif or small video streams that spread like a virus between people . Infographics can be strangely handled by telegrams.  Making infographics is a difficult and hard work, but try to make and share some special infographics related to your channel theme . At the end of every post (text or image) that you post on the channel, put the channel id or URL (link) on it, so if channel posts are forwarded by members again, the channel link is also sent .


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In social networks, specially in telegram, the users are a bit boring. The volume of text should be limited as people are not quite interested in reading or knowing much through text. Try not to share long posts and put as much photos as you can with your posts.  Most of the time you can explain your goal by writing in a photo .

Regarding the subject of your channel, I suggest using voice files.  Voice files are very popular and your members can easily and at any time listen to your voicemail . As you know, the screen of mobile phones is small, which causes many friends not to pleasure to read your text posts.  For this reason, try to share voice files for the such people .


  1. Specialize your channel posts

The most important thing to do is to Specialize your channel posts.  By doing this, you can greatly increase your channel members . Be sure if your posts are special,  prominent and attractive , they will be shared  to other people or other groups by  your users  .

To do this, you should use the logo or tag of your channel on your short images or videos.  This can be done easily with the pic art app.  you can also put your channel as a link or @ChannelName under each post . By doing this, when your posts are forwarded by other users to other users, they can also be added to your channel or group via this link .


. Ask your audiences help in producing content5

Ask your users to produce content for you and put their content with their full specifications in your channel.  Of course, according to the theme of your channel, you should do this.  For example, bring a specific topic up and ask your user’s opinion about it.  ask them to share it in the form of an audio file, it is more attractive .

You can also ask them to ask you their questions.  For example, you act in the field of online sales and marketing techniques, so, your audience questions will be raised in this field.  You can create attractive content by answering  their questions and put it on your channel .

You can also do this by raising a poll or contest.  For example, raising this topic “10 ways to increase Internet products sales” and ask your users to send you 10 ways to sell Internet products .

Do not forget that your channel is specialized and there are enthusiasts in your field of ​​activity.  So they can help you in this field.  After writing their own techniques, write an outline of the best techniques and share it as a post on your channel .



. Join the groups and super-groups in the same field6

Try to find  the groups and super groups that are same of your field and act on them. You can find similar groups at this site https://www.channel-member.com/channellist.aspx  and  Act or advertise on it , it was possible for you to share your favorite posts on it. If the group managers do not allow you to do this, try to make a friendly relationship with them.  For example, share some of their posts on your channel and instead ask them to allow you to act on their groups .

You can also participate in the super-groups discussions that related to your field and answer other users’ questions.  Try to prove yourself at your work. Try to introduce yourself and your channel subtlety by the posts that you share into groups  . For example, if you answered the question, at the end you can point that you have a channel.  Be sure, by doing this, you can refer many people to your channel.



  1. Link your telegram group link to your other social networks

Publishing your channel invitation link on another channel can certainly be one of the best ways to increase the membership of the telegram. Put your telegram channel address on each social network that you are active.  For example, it’s a good idea to put your telegram channel address in your Instagram Bio.  Or, for example, in your Aparat channel, in addition to the website address, put your telegram channel address in the social media section.  In general, try to set up your telegram channel address on any site you have profiles .


. Include your channel in the Telegram channel directories8

There are a number of sites that can be used as a directory of telegram channels to increase the members of telegram channels.  These sites have subject categories that insert telegram channels on different topics on their site . Some of them may also receive some money for registering your channel address, which usually will receive a small amount of money.  For example, 10 thousand tomans and forever !

 These sites can be found through Google searches, some of them are as follows :




. Creating a Competition and awarding prizes 9



One of the best ways to increase the members  of telegram Channel is to run a competition.  You must have seen the contests in the telegram so far .  Sometime ago , I saw a $ 100 contest for Best Bitcoin price ,  In this contest, anyone could announce his prediction of rising or decreasing Bitcoin prices in the last 15 days. The prediction  of the highest hits and the closest price in the next 15 days is announced as a winner.

It does not matter what your channel is about .  Suppose you are the manager of guitar instruction channel .  Just ask your channel users to play a piece and send it to you.  Each piece that earns the most likes is the winner .

The important thing is to have a special prize so that many users are encouraged to participate in the competition.  If you present services or products, you can give the winner one of your products or a discount code to buy products .


  1. Invite your site visitors to your telegram channel

There are many ways to get your site visitors to your telegram channel.  One of these ways is to invite your site users to see the post that is only shared on your telegram channel . In general, anything that does not exist on your site and it is only exist on your telegram channel, the user will be forced to see that item in your telegram channel.  You can also invite users of your site to your telegram channel via e-mail .

For example, send an email to them, in which you can point out that tonight at 10 o’clock, we will publish the article in our channel, or our new product will be presented with special discounts for telegram members . to avoid losing  this opportunity , join our telegram channel now .

To allow visitors who visiting your site to join your telegram channel, you can make special suggestions for them. For example, before a visitor leaves  your site, you can make a pop-up suggestion to him .

You can also invite your site visitors and members to your telegram channel by all posts of your site.  For example, you can design a banner like the one below and put all your posts in the ad section below .


How can we keep our channel telegram members ?

One of the most important ways to increase the channel’s members is to keep them on the channel. That is, you should be able to create a gravity channel that if a new member is entered into the channel, stay tuned to the channel. The items I mentioned here were about increasing the members of telegram channel.  But keeping the followers is more  important than increasing them on the channel.  In many cases, keeping members of the channel is more difficult and harder than increasing them .The tips below will help you keeping the majority of your channel members .


. Do not prefer quantity to quality !1

 The amount of posts that you share on your channel on the day is not important at all!  The quality of the content that you share is important.  Do not try to be loyal to your channel members by posting irrelevant and unimportant posts on your channel.  By doing this, just hit them from your channel . Try to keep publishing channel posts up to date .


  1. Share your channel posts on a specific time

Depending on your audience’s awareness, try sharing your posts at certain times.  Never exaggerated  in sharing your posts.  Try to make your audience stand out.  For example, always send a post to them at 10:00 am.  Usually, posts that are sent between 2 am and 8 am do not have a good return  .

  1. Interact with your channel audiences

Stay in touch with your channel members.  Check out their tastes.  For example, asking them to raise a polls and ask them about the subjects that they are interested in.  This will make their presence on your channel longer.  If your work field allows you to ask them to send their posts or photos to be published on your channel .


. Do not specify Your Channel for Advertising !4

 Do not exaggerated in sharing advertising posts.  Because this will reduce the number of your channel members.  The people who exist on your channel are due to the useful and appropriate content that you share with them.  They do not like to turn your channel into a place for advertising.  If you intend to exchange with other channels or put ads on your channel, you can assign a specific time period to this work .


  1. Justify your channel managers

If you are using other managers to create content or manage your channel more easily, you must make sure they are completely justified.  For example, tell them all posts should have your own channel tags and proprietary.  Or ask them not to use much of the copying content of other channels.  Check the time of posting with them .

Conclusion and last speech

My last suggestion is that you should not use any fake telegram members  in any way. it should be noted that increasing the number of telegram members in unusual ways, such as robots and software that is found on the Internet in many ways these days, will not only be ineffective. In most cases, it will waste your time and money. If you are really specialist in your work, try to use the methods outlined in this article to increase your telegram channel’s members. The techniques presented in this article for increasing the members of the free telegram members  are all perfectly standard, effective and practical, I hope you’ve used enough of this article .