the logic behind Peter Stilman’s theories?

Henry Dark aka Peter Stilman, has all these theories about the tower of babel, fall of men, fall of language that I got really confused about because he doesn’t link (or very vaguely¬†he does) any of them back to how it would actually help with mankind learning the language of god.

When I say we in this blog post, I mean mankind.

The Tower of Babel was mankind’s attempt to reconnect with God, but it failed. Why did it fail? The main difference between the Babylonians and Adam and Eve prior to the fall of men (when men were perfect) is their knowledge of good and evil. Therefore, I think it is reasonable to attribute it as the main cause of the failure of the Tower of Babel. So in order to reverse the fall of men and language, one must first forget all knowledge because the knowledge of good and evil is what separates us from God.

This should be done, according to Peter Stilman, by rebuilding the tower of Babel and retreating into the pitch dark cubicles. By going into solitude, like Jesus who spent 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness where he overcame Satan’s temptations, we will be able to learn God’s language because it would mean that we have gotten rid of the knowledge of good and evil.

Basically, we need to be like Jesus Christ to reverse the fall of language, which subsequently reverses the fall of men.

The author even acknowledges that Quinn is MIA by the end of the book, could he have ascended to heaven like Jesus after learning God’s language? Maybe? maybe not…this is getting a tad far-fetched hahaha, I know this conclusion is highly improbable but it seems interesting so decided to include it hahahah.

Till this day, I am still unsure of his theories and I don’t know if I’m the only one who is finding it hard to understand but this is what I based my essay on hahaha


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