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Hello Knowledge Seekers

Hello all!

My name is Nitya Ramirez, and I am entering my first year at ubc. I applied to university last year with my mind set on majoring in Romance Studies, but now that I am being exposed to these wonderful classes, I’m torn between the many interesting options.

I was born in Pietrasanta, Italy to both my Venezuelan parents. As a result, I feel just as tied to Italy as I am entangled with Venezuela. Because of these cultural halves, I have an appreciation for each one, and I cannot wait to deepen my understanding for each. Bare in mind that  I do not mean just Venezuela and Italy, I hope to explore many parts across the globe. I want to engage meaningfully with different people from earth and learn from them. And I know that this course is a step towards that possibility.

Specifically to Latin America, I would like to travel back there and work in humanitarian organizations to aid the many countries in need. Being in contact with family members and friends in Venezuela allows me to hear how impactful the crisis is, and it brings my family heartache to see the injustices that are being experienced. So not only do I want to do my part in celebrating and learning about Latin America, but if I can work in a field that permits me to preserve these diverse and ALIVE cultures, then I would be more then content.

I am incredibly excited about what this class has to offer!



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